Let's be honest. A toothpick made of grass is not rocket science. Probably every Icelander has picked his teeth with a grass straw or chewed on one. All we are doing is taking something great and putting it into a nice little package.

To make a short story a little bit longer, the straw toothpick has some historical roots. Back in the old days, when Iceland was first settled, the island was covered in beautiful forest. The settlers used the wood from the forest to heat up their houses and build stuff. There was enough wood for everyone and even some left to make toothpicks.

Everybody was happy. But one day the harsh reality slapped the settlers in the face: they had been cutting down all the forest but it didn't grow back because the icelandic sheep kept eating it all. The sheep were so aggressive that all the young little trees didn't stand a chance. In only a few years there was no forest left in Iceland.

The settlers now had to import timber along with other stuff in their boats and ships. They imported all kinds of useful things, but no one imported toothpicks. That's when some genius Icelander found out that a grass straw is an excellent toothpick. Since that day straw toothpicks have been a part of the history of the Icelandic nation.